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The REGL Crest

The Red Eagles (known as REGL) is a WarLight clan lead by [REGL Eagleblast] , and was one of the first to be created. REGL's second in command is "[REGL] Harrierhawk". REGL is considered to be a mostly non-aggressive and casual clan, although they often participate in friendly clan-matches. 

Crimson SnipersEdit

REGL's competetive division, signified by the {CS} tag at the end of their name. Admitance into this group is moderated through climbing the REGL Challengers ladder, with only the #1 non-CS member of this ladder being allowed to challenge their way into the CS. It's ranks are capped at 8 members. This is the group that primarily represents REGL in matches against other clans.


Recruitment is done through concensus of the clan. Anyone interrested in joining REGL should make a 1v1 with Eagleblast of Harrierhawk for information and instruction.


All members are required to;

  1. Wear the [REGL] tag.
  2. Use the clan website.
  3. Take part in the in-clan ladder.

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