Here, a timeline is used to show the history of the Warlight clans.'


  • REGL formed by Eagleblast

June 2010Edit

  • FBG created by default due to a mass amount of players coming from another website.

November 2011Edit

  • LDD created by eddieh4rry and lilanunatuna.
  • Warlighters created by General Arun.
  • WM created by Red.

February 2012Edit

  • P created by Jsa111111.
  • X created by The Don.
  • rp created by Francisco Franco.

July 2012Edit

  • Coldblood created by Itallion Stallion.
  • ♦CPU♦ created by Bigby and gman333.
  • Coldblood shut down by Vostro and Itallion Stallion.
  • The WJC created by General Arun and The Soviet Juggernaut.
  • V.I.W. created by sundancer.

August 2012Edit

June 2013Edit

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