After accepting an open challenge from the 101st, Warlighters suggested the same format that was employed in their war against REGL. This was taken up eagerly and praised by other neutral members of the community. In the end the war was set at 21 players per side.


Warlighter put forward their entire clan for the challenge. After numerous inactivity expulsions and new recruits, they ended up with 20 players for the tournament; putting them at a disadvantage to the 101st. They played on regardless.

Line up and resultsEdit

  • General Arun • (Leader) ------ Eliminated after 5 wins
  • Guillaume 
  • Firestorm (Prolighter) 
  • Darth Mylor (Ambassador) 
  • Fenomena 
  • kevin#1 • 
  • Febo 
  • Honourable Butthead • 
  • Thor2323 (Prolighter) 
  • Polakillo (Prolighter) 
  • Montemonty 
  • Ekstone (Prolighter) 
  • bcatfish 
  • Naomi 
  • rD-77))XGM 
  • Photon • (Prolighter) 
  • Nonfcomm (Lighter) 
  • Croagunk88 (Lighter)
  • Terror Dragon
  • Mendaxsun

Arun (their leader) was first up for the Warlighters. He surprised all by beating a Lynx player and a top 20 ladder player as part of a 5 win streak. He was then beaten by Kerosea.

The 101stEdit

As they were larger in number, the 101st Regiment matched Warlighters' number of players.

Line up and resultsEdit

  • Steriminator ----- Eliminated after 0 wins
  • Krawat ----------- Eliminated after 0 wins
  • Mattimec [Lynx] - Eliminated after 0 wins
  • Unreality --------- Eliminated after 0 wins
  • Kinnie ------------ Eliminated after 0 wins
  • Kerosea ---------- 1 win
  • Pyrrhus [Lynx] 
  • Apollo (Leader)
  • Clemountch 
  • gRrEN 
  • Aquavisual [Lynx] 
  • Lolototo 
  • Nonprophets [Lynx] 
  • xDivine 
  • Général Charles De Gaulle [Lynx] 
  • ionwood 
  • Freedom Crusador 
  • Dom365 [Lynx] 
  • Nsiwy 
  • Machiavelly 
  • Sriverfx1.9 [Lynx]

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